Disinfecting Services

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

It’s up to you to keep your staff and customers safe, and now’s the time to think seriously about professional disinfecting services. Common household cleaners may knock out 99.9% of germs, but viruses aren’t living organisms. They require specialized cleaning agents to keep your facilities safe, and our staff is here to ensure you meet current standards.

You’d be surprised at how many areas in your facility, home, or vacation rental are touched on a regular basis. From doorknobs and furniture to touch screens, countertops, desks, elevator buttons, and more. There are so many places germs and viruses like the flu and can COVID-19 hide. Some are nearly impossible to reach using standard cleaning methods.

Our disinfecting service team works smarter, not harder. Using innovative methods like electrostatic disinfection, we’re able to address even the hard-to-reach areas you’d never think of. We use EPA certified products and we always keep in mind disinfecting is a process, not a product.

What you can expect from us:

Proper use of disinfection solutions that are proven to inactivate COVID-19 utilized.

High touchpoint areas within your business premises wiped.

Disinfection through electrostatic spraying is implemented.

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We are 5-star rated and ready to make your space sparkling clean!

After coming home from a busy day at work, the last thing that you want is to come home to a dirty home. And, after a long week, the last thing that you want is to spend your weekend cleaning up. The weekends are meant to be for relaxing.

Disinfecting Services

You deserve a break!

At Your Clean Break, our goal is to give families the opportunity to spend more time together and businesses the peace of mind knowing that they're working with a reliable cleaning team. We want to leave a legacy for our family while also giving the community a break from cleaning to enjoy their loved ones. We look forward to serving the Metro Atlanta area for decades to come.